Mission Statement

CCTV is a non-profit, public-access facility operating in Concord and Carlisle, Massachusetts. We strive to give local residents, students and people who work in Concord and Carlisle the resources they need to express their opinions, share their talents or communicate an idea. CCTV is a membership-based organization, which means the future of this media center is truly in the hands of the people who join. More importantly, it is the people who join in that matter. 

Our mission is to foster community, communication, and collaboration by providing citizens that live, work or attend school in Concord or Carlisle with the skills and equipment necessary to produce their own local cable television programs.

Concord and Carlisle's Public Access Channel 8 is a local, mass-media forum for free speech and features programming produced or sponsored by CCTV members from the community.

Concord and Carlisle's Government Channel 9 features gavel-to-gavel coverage of local government meetings as well as from state and federal sources.

Concord and Carlisle's Public Access Channel 99 features Educational programming from Concord and Carlisle School districts.